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pharetra bullet-black Ultrasonic bonding technology  Gesellschaft für textile Kunststoffanwendung mbH & Co KG  bullet-black Ultrasonic bonding technology  Dr. Köcher Gruppe

ultrasonic bonding technology

Ultrasonic bonding technology pneumolastic® - well-connected

Our trademarked pneumolastic® is one example of pharetra's development work. Produced using ultrasonic, pneumolastic® ist a three-dimensionally elastic composite. This innovative material is used for joint and body bandages with temperature-regulating properties, for seating and bedding, and in sport and leisure products.

Innovation and efficiency from pharetra - you can rely on it.

pneumolastic-grafic-9545ed02 Ultrasonic bonding technology
1. Ventilation channels
2. Foam filler
3. Breathable face fabric
4. Transport of moisture and warm air
5. Ultrasonic seams
6. Breathable bottom fabric
7. Supply of fresh air
8. Dynamic pumping via fully elastic ribs