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pharetra bullet-black Company  Gesellschaft für textile Kunststoffanwendung mbH & Co KG  bullet-black Company  Dr. Köcher Gruppe

Unser Unternehmen

60 years of success and innovation

  • 1961
    Founded by Dr. Walter Köcher in Selbitz as ”The Acrylic Barrack of Franconia“
  • 1970
    Addition of own textile production
  • 1973
    Establishment of the pharetra Gesellschaft für textile Kunststoffanwendung mbH & Co.
  • 1980/1981
    Patent for the ultrasonic pneumolastic® process for Europe and the US
  • 1989-1991
    Expansion and state-of-the-art modernisation of production and warehousing facilities
  • 2006
    Quality management certification to DIN ISO 9001
  • 2006-2008
    Acquisition and conversion of the Feldstrasse facility and start of production